The Little Light Houses by Malabar Plum

Today I‘ve brought a little light house to my friend Maia (5 years old). We meet recently and she doesn’t dare to give me  a kiss of welcome yet. She still doesn’t trust me.

When we arrived, Maia was eating with her mommy and had some mucus, but after a while she join us in the living room, perfectly clean to attend the guess.

While she was with his mother, we went into her room and hide one of the “light houses of  Malabar plum” between her toys.

Their dolls quickly accepted into the group light box. The room was dark and all the dolls were sleeping. Between a mountain of stuffed animals and dolls, there was the box of Little Red Riding Hood, illuminating Maia‘s friends.We stared at them for a moment, then we went out.

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Mariana returned to the living room with the Maia and her mother and I went to get the camera. We had no idea what would happen, but we had a plan.

Her mother had taken her favorite doll without her noticing and we had placed the doll in her bedroom, now in the dark, lighted by the light house.

Maia noticed the absence of his friend. He was gone. She began to look between the legs, in front, behind, squats, it is not. Hands on hips, umm. Maya clearly was not going to hang out without his friend.

Without saying a thing, she began walking toward the bedroom, the house of the dolls. The bedroom was dark but the light box was iluminating enough of the room like to walk in. She entered and inmediately stop. She had notseen her doll, yet her doll was there, next to the box.
You have to be mother to know what this means. “I can not believe it,” said the mother. All kept laughter, while her approached the new treasure. She watched carefully. After a while, she had a very deep look inside. She opened the little door and stepped closer. The rag dolls inside the box could feel her breathing, it was a breeze for those figures.
Then she asked for permission to play with it, but first she promised she will be, extremely careful. Then I am thinking. And then she stood up in front ofher mother, she displayed a  face of“you know that I love you mom” and said without clarifying whether it was a statement or a question: I want it, it is for me?
In the end she had to pay us all  with a kiss. Now I know that everything has a price, even a kiss from Maia.

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