Interview with Housing Anywhere

Hey everyone, here is an interview I gave recently for the international student housing platform “Housing Anywhere” where you can find some very basic tips on interior photography. I hope you find it useful.

chair in living room with tv


Renting out a room has become a kind of art, nowadays people have plenty of possibilities and online platforms to choose where to rent room and houses.
An appealing room advertising gets more visits and usually better renting performance.
It is known that the pictures added into a published room are one of the most important aspects when it comes to get attracted by that room. 

What does the perfect picture look like? What does a tenant seek in a published room?
For answering those questions, we have the pleasure of inviting to Georgie Uris, a Barcelona photographer based. Georgie is willing to give us the best tips on how enhance the visibility of our published rooms.

Which areas of the accommodation should be shown? Which shouldn’t?
Personally, I think that we should be coherent and sincere in our marketing strategy. Taking photos of our appearing is pure marketing and communication. You want to sound honest to your access, so don’t cheat to your future tenant. Do not remove or Photoshop any element in your house that your tenant will find later on after taken the decision. Do not use Photoshop to turn into blue a red wall.

Before taking a picture, I recommend doing some research. See cool photos of rooms and apartments in “interior design magazines” for example, or do a quick google images research. Get inspired, see common trends from professional photography. Make sure you show the most appealing parts the accommodation to rent. The nicest room might get more photos than others. If possible, show all areas. Spaces are always welcome in a house.

How can an advertiser take the perfect pictures?
Clean a bit your apartment. Do a little investment in plants (green stuff always looks good in camera), nature feels good.
Walk 360 degrees in each room, searching for the best view. When you find it, set the tripod and look through the camera. Now see how all elements look through the camera, entitle yourself to move a plant, a book from its original place to make a good line structure in the frame.

If you know well the apartment because you live there, take the photo where the natural light gets better. People like sunny places, let light comes in. If the light is very strong, will produce highlight and over exposition in the photo. In that case, moving a thin curtain is good, but one that doesn’t block light, you just want to filter it and soften it up a bit.

If you have some photography knowledge or you feel like playing a little bit in postproduction, set you camera to make RAW photos + jpg. A RAW photo will allow you to set levels of light later in postproduction more than a jpg, but jpg is also good for beginners. Go for highest resolution. When exported from photo editing program, you can always reduce its resolution for online display.

Should the pictures include people, pets and personal belongings?
That is a personal choice, but as I mention before do not promote your house with elements that your tenant won’t find when they get in; unless you are renting your dog out too.

Which angle should be used to take the best picture of a room?
A Room just like a person or any object have different angles, get the one that looks better in your opinion, or take several of them. Show windows, tenants appreciate light entrances the most. Space is always an issue, so is highly probable you will end up putting your camera in a corner. 

Which camera or lens should I use?
Use the best camera available and a mobile otherwise. Use wide angle lenses when possible, running from 12mm to 24mm. A fish eye, like 8mm for example, can give a very unreal look. I don’t recommend it. A wide-angle lens will make your room looks bigger than it actually is. Be careful not to lead your viewers to believe something that is not.

Is lighting that important?
Very important. The sunrise and sunset lights are the best for photography. They are soft lights. Yet, depending on the orientation of your house, you will get light and specific light. You don’t want light entering in your window so strong that over expose some parts of the photo and create dark areas through shadows. So usually, indirect light is best. You want to illuminate you space in a uniform way.
In postproduction, you can bring shadows up a bit, and put highlights a bit down to achieve this uniformity in lighting.

Could you show us some examples of the perfect picture?
My friend Hilary Dawe, that takes photos for real state visuals, has here some beautiful pics here.

If you have a limited number of pictures to add, say 5, what are the best pictures to add to your listing?
Choose the best spots of your house. Make a balance between what your clients are interested in and what you think is best. Bedroom, kitchen, corridors, light entrances should always be included. Set your own limits but do not repeat never two photos of the same room taken from same angle.

 If after these tips, you still don’t dare to give yourself a change or you don’t have time let me know an I might be able to help you. Hiring a professional photographer is always an option as far as the fee is reasonable.

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November 21, 2017

Behind the Scenes of HAUL Music Video | Amnesty International Czech Republic

Behind the scenes photography of music video production for Amnesty International Czech Republic in collaboration with artist Christian Loffler.

The intention is to raise awareness to the alarming number of child refugees across the globe.

This project was an Unit+Sofa production developed by Czech director Marek Partys and DOP Dusan Husar.

Director, producer and camera team arrive at location in Bardenas Reales to tell the story of child refugees.

Scouting at Bardenas Reales.

A military plane breaks silence at the Bardenas Reales park.

A different kind of scenery found in Bardenas Reles.

Costume check. Director makes final adjustments to costumes with designer and assistant.

Young actors ready to shoot sequence.

Camera assistant holding 16mm camera while photographed by another camera assistant.

Young actor ready for the upcoming scene.

Running just after sunrise at Bardenas Reales.

Director Marek Partys, between shooting scenes.

Scene where the young actors were running, shot just after sunrise. Cold.

Sunrise at Bardenas Reales park.

The kidnapping scene.

A scene shot with steadycam early in the morning.

Director holds one of the actors before a realistic fight scene. Very impressed with the performance of the young actor with masterful direction from director Marek Partys.

Scene with children representing a circle of young souls.

Born to shoot. Everything looks so good and mysterious in the first lights on the day.








May 16, 2017


Salomé is my new French intern of 20 years. She asked me to take some photos of her for her VISA. After taking them, we took the chance to jump on the terrace and enjoy the light and the view. We took some pics and it was an interesting exercise for her to learn how to behave in front of a camera.

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February 4, 2016

The Little Light Houses by Malabar Plum

Today I‘ve brought a little light house to my friend Maia (5 years old). We meet recently and she doesn’t dare to give me  a kiss of welcome yet. She still doesn’t trust me.

When we arrived, Maia was eating with her mommy and had some mucus, but after a while she join us in the living room, perfectly clean to attend the guess.

While she was with his mother, we went into her room and hide one of the “light houses of  Malabar plum” between her toys.

Their dolls quickly accepted into the group light box. The room was dark and all the dolls were sleeping. Between a mountain of stuffed animals and dolls, there was the box of Little Red Riding Hood, illuminating Maia‘s friends.We stared at them for a moment, then we went out.

cajas de noche_20

Mariana returned to the living room with the Maia and her mother and I went to get the camera. We had no idea what would happen, but we had a plan.

Her mother had taken her favorite doll without her noticing and we had placed the doll in her bedroom, now in the dark, lighted by the light house.

Maia noticed the absence of his friend. He was gone. She began to look between the legs, in front, behind, squats, it is not. Hands on hips, umm. Maya clearly was not going to hang out without his friend.

Without saying a thing, she began walking toward the bedroom, the house of the dolls. The bedroom was dark but the light box was iluminating enough of the room like to walk in. She entered and inmediately stop. She had notseen her doll, yet her doll was there, next to the box.
You have to be mother to know what this means. “I can not believe it,” said the mother. All kept laughter, while her approached the new treasure. She watched carefully. After a while, she had a very deep look inside. She opened the little door and stepped closer. The rag dolls inside the box could feel her breathing, it was a breeze for those figures.
Then she asked for permission to play with it, but first she promised she will be, extremely careful. Then I am thinking. And then she stood up in front ofher mother, she displayed a  face of“you know that I love you mom” and said without clarifying whether it was a statement or a question: I want it, it is for me?
In the end she had to pay us all  with a kiss. Now I know that everything has a price, even a kiss from Maia.

If you want to know more about Malabar Plum work. you can see them here:

May 3, 2015